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Digital divide is the new illetrism*

I recently watched this video from the « Forum for the Future of Democracy » which goal was to define democratic process and here are some explanations.


It is a very cheap, very accessible way to enhance participation, to show politicians work, to give more realtime information of better quality and to enlight choices.

e-Democracy will allow -if we allow e-democracy to emerge- to give people real power.

Indeed, people are usually interested in democracy but they are often out of touch and they lack information.Therefore there is an imperative need to rally citizens and spread informations.

The primary obligation of a democratic state is to ensure that lack of access to new technologies does not become a social divide as illiteracy once was.


e-Democracy is creating new ways to engage in democracy: electronic vote, forums, collaborative platforms, etc. These online tools allow citizens to interact, participate and collaborate.

By talking directly to the people, government’s messages won’t have to be transmitted to a third party lile media to spread the word. Citizens become media.

There is by fact a gap between electronic haves and electronic havenots. It is a reality and a threat to democracy and inclusion.


Governments should not wait for citizens to come to them but they should engage and go to the crowd.

Citizens need to trust governments and governments need to trust citizens. Let’s interact, let’s share, let’s collaborate but let’s do that all together.

Generation gaps

There is a gap between old and younger generation in the use of technologies. When youngers are usually more at ease, a real work should be made on seniors use.

In order to fight digital divide, we also need to improve youth involvment by teaching from the bottom. To be efficient, e-democracy classes should be given as early as kindergarden.


In this newtech world, if we want to avoid the creation of a new barreer between people and administrations, we have to engage every citizens to join the move.

*For french readers, french translation of illetrism would be « analphabetisme », not « illetrisme ».

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